16 Embarrassing Kid Photos That’ll Make You Feel Lucky You Grew Up Before Social Media Was Invented

It is lucky enough to be born before social media was born. We could make a mess, cry our eyes out, pee our pants, and throw as many public tantrums as we wanted without having to worry that such behavior could be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, life for kids nowadays gets tougher! Enjoy these hilarious photos of kid fails below.

1. My brother did this often when we were little. He was a pirate, and my parents never said otherwise.

2. We should act like this beautiful little girl & love each other, what an angel!

3. This one made my day. Hahahah.

4. What a “considerate” birthday card!

5. A Comedy movie “Recep Ivedik”.

6. HOLD ON MUM! Let me explain first.

7. Bwahahaha!

8. Sometimes, kids can be reeeally scary…

9. Talented Interior Designer!

10. In a world full of princesses, dare to be a hot dog! She’s my hero.

11. Oops! Must call the exorcist!

12. Seems to be a happy great team.

13. “So, you come to this airline often?”

14. When he gets older, bottles of beer will be there.

15. A budding engineer.

16. “Your handbag looks pretty.” “Thanks, it’s for carrying my crisps.”

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