20 Old Toys That Are Worth A Fortune Today

Like fine wines, toys can also get better with time. Some toys that were bought cheap all those years ago could be worth tons of moola now, and even be more valuable than your house. Take a look! You might find a goldmine hidden in your house!

1. 1938 Action Comics No. 1: $3.2 Million

This comic book was reported to be the most expensive comic book in existence, with fewer than 50 issues published worldwide. Besides that, it was the very first appearance of Superman. In 1938, the book sold for just 10 cents, but now if in good condition, it can fetch a staggering $3.2 million.

2. Pogs: Up To $1 Million

Common sets of pogs can easily rake in around $100, while rare sets can get you $1,000 or more. For example, a complete Marilyn Monroe set can fetch $1,000. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, then check out the value of the Jurassic Park set, which went for $1 million!

3. The Original Monopoly Game: $146,500

Monopoly has been a board game staple since being invented by Charles Darrow in 1933. So, it should come as no surprise that the original hand-drawn version sold for $146,500. Other vintage versions from the ’30s have sold at Sotheby’s for more than $3,000, and even newer limited editions can sell for hundreds.

4. 1959 Barbie: $23,000

Today, a wide variety of Barbie dolls are available on the market, but there is only one original and she reigns supreme. That is a first edition Barbie, which sports a nifty retro hairdo, a zebra-striped swimsuit, and high heels of course. If in pristine condition, she can earn you around $23,000.

5. Pokémon Cards: Up To $100,000

Yes! All those Pokémon cards that we collected like crazy as a kid are finally worth something. A Charizard Holo card from the first edition of Pokémon in 1999 can fetch more than $5,000. One of the most valuable cards, the Japanese-version Pikachu Illustrator cards, sold for $100,000 on eBay. And other cards can also bring in huge sums of money. 

6. Pez Dispensers: Up To $32,205 

While there are nearly a million Pez dispensers in the world, some are rarer than others and can be worth thousands. For example, the Astronaut B, which was created for the 1982 World’s Fair, sold on eBay for $32,205 in 2006.

7. 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure: $25,000

The Star Wars series’ popularity seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, even after the many years since the 1977 debut of the first movie. In 2015, the Luke Skywalker Action figure released in 1978 sold for $25,000. We have to admit that there are some people that simply have too much money.

8. First Edition Pound Puppies Plush: $5,000

Pound Puppies were all the rage back in the ’80s. Though the fad has faded, a rare first edition Pound Puppy in original packaging can still sell for $5,000. Anyone who had one of these should probably start digging through the attic.

9. Garbage Pail Kids Cards: Up To $4,000

These collectible trading cards were wildly popular with kids in the ’80s. If you still have any of them lying around, congratulations, as they are now worth a lot. One card recently sold for $300, and an entire pack of 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Series One went for as much as $4,000 on eBay.

10. G.I. Joe Action Figures: Up To $200,000

Real American heroes do not come cheap. A G.I. Joe Action Figure Starduster, even out of its box, can net you $300 on eBay. Other G.I. Joe sets can sell for even more, like the Missile Command Center that went for $17,500. In 2003, a prototype figure was auctioned for $200,000.

11. Fisher Price Push Cart Pete: Up To $3,000+

This 1936 pull toy was originally on the market for 50 cents. Today, if you happen to find Pete in your house and he’s not looking too bad, you’re guaranteed to rake in $3,000 or more.

12. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys: Up To $10,000

Though McDonald’s Happy Meal toys might come free with your lunch, they can end up being pretty valuable. A complete set of Ty’s Teenie Beanie Boos from 2000 can earn you $450, and an entire collection of Disney Happy Meal toys is currently going for $10,000.

13. Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby: $5,000

Remember the Beanie Babies craze of the late ’90s? Before Pokémon cards, these were the toys kids had to “catch ’em all.” Who could have imagined that they’d be worth thousands of dollars one day? One of the most valuable Beanie Babies is Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby. They can sell for $5,000, as there are only 2,000 in existence.

14. American Girl Molly: $5,000

The American Girl doll Molly McIntire was released in 1986 and retired in 2013. A Molly in mint condition can go for $5,000 now, but she isn’t the only American Girl doll that is worth a fortune. Other discontinued models like Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington are also incredibly valuable.

15. Tamagotchi: $3,000+

These adorable digital pets took the world by storm after their debut in the 1990s. Recently, they have made a comeback. Even Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry wore them to the 2016 Met Gala. Well, an unopened Tamagotchi can yield up to $3,000, and rare ones can fetch even more at auction.

16. Nintendo Game Boy: $750 – $1,500+

Before we were addicted to our cell phones, we killed time on Nintendo Game Boy. The portable hand-held gaming devices were launched in 1989, retailing at $89.99. But today, a mint-condition original Game Boy goes for hundreds, and if you have a special edition like the Game Boy Light, you can make over $1,500.

17. 1982 Skeletor Action Figure: $2,000

If you’ve ever seen the Masters of the Universe franchise, you will know Skeletor, the evil villain from the series. A 1982, brand new Skeletor action figure is now valued at around $2,000. On the other hand, the superhero He-Man action figure only garners $1,000. Sometimes it’s good to play the bad guy!

18. Sega Genesis Console: $2,000

For most, the Sega Genesis was probably the first video game console they ever had. If you have one of these classic consoles and it still works, you can easily make $2,000! Not bad for those countless hours playing Sonic the Hedgehog, huh?

19. Cabbage Patch Kids: Up To $3,000

If you come across your old Cabbage Patch Kid doll one day, don’t throw it away. Instead, search the internet for its value, as they may be worth something. A 1985 James Dudley Cabbage Patch doll is listed for $3,000 on eBay, and a 1981 Blonde Girl Little People doll goes for $2,000.

20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures: $400 – $1,000

Back in the 1980s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures were one of the top collectibles for kids. Today, these heroes in a half shell are still going strong, and they can collect $400-$1,000 a piece. A rare Krang action figure from 1994, with two mistakes in it, even hit $25,000.

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