15 Parents Who Have A Better Sense Of Humor Than Their Kids

Parenting can be tough, and in all the toughest jobs, it’s important for our moms and dads to keep a healthy sense of humor. Click through to find out these 15 parents who maintained their humor by trolling their kids.

1. “My apartment lost power for two days. I complained to my dad, and minutes later, I got a text: ‘They’re on the case!”

2. “So my parents took a beach vacation with their dog and sent me this picture.”

3. “Friend went to Disney World and posted this picture. His parents responded.”

4. “My sister and her friends challenged their dads, and here’s the result.”

5. Very overprotective father.

6. “What I love about my parents is that after 41 years of marriage, they still know how to embarrass their kids.”

7. “My dad thinks he’s pretty clever.”

8. This dad who threatened his daughter’s boyfriend in photoshoot.

9. “There’s an escaped murderer near where I live, so I texted my parents to see if they are Ok. Their response:”

10. So my parents thought this would be funny this Christmas.

11. “My boyfriend moved out of his parents’ house last year. He’s been replaced already.”

12. “This is how my friend’s dad greeted her at the airport yesterday.”

13. “I bought a phone case online but didn’t realize it was for a 6 plus so I gave it to my dad. He loves it.”

14. “Graduation gift from dad.”

15. “My Dad said he found a rock that looked like a face and I came home to this.”

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