Bride’s Mother Rethinks Son-In-Law After She Found A Strange Photo

1. Mother’s Odd Feeling

Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt seemed like a perfect young couple to many people. They fell in love with each other during their first date. After graduation and settling down together, they decided to get engaged and tie the knot. However, when Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, first saw Ed, she had a strange feeling about her future son-in-law. She couldn’t figure out where this feeling came from though, until she found an old photograph.

2. Heidi Parker’s New Apartment

When Heidi started college at Newcastle University, she lived in the college dorms for the first few years. However, the dorms were expensive and eventually she moved out to live with a few friends in an apartment. A few years later, after Heidi had saved enough money, she moved into a new, one-bedroom apartment. She was excited because she had always dreamt of living on her own. Heidi then had to give the keys to the new tenants of her old apartment, two young men. But she was unaware that would be such an important moment in her life.

3. All Start From A Call

Heidi had started feeling lonely now that she lived alone. She still didn’t want any roommates though. What she wanted was love. But she didn’t know the love had already found her. A few weeks later, Heidi got a call from one of the men she had met. The man explained that the landlord had given him her number, as he wanted to ask her for help because he didn’t know how to use Heidi’s old washing machine. As it’s hard to explain the quirks and special procedures of the machine on the phone, Heidi decided to go down to the apartment to help them out.

4. Knowing Each Other

When Heidi finally arrived at the apartment, the man apologized for making her come such a long way just because of the washing machine. But Heidi didn’t mind, and she explained patiently about how to handle the old machine. The man tried a few times and finally learned how to use it. Then the man offered her a cup of coffee, and they started talking. It was during this talk that they found they had so much in common. They fell for each other a little bit on that day, yet still had no clue how it would turn out.

5. Fall In Love

It turned out the man Heidi just met was Ed Savitt, who also studied at Newcastle University. Coincidently, they were both double majors, and they both loved outdoor sports such as hiking and skiing. They had several dates after that and couldn’t help but fall further for each other. The couple soon became inseparable, and they spent time together every chance they got after classes and other activities. 

6. Facing Challenge 

However, time went quickly, and before long their college years had passed by. It was time to start their careers and think about the future. Heidi found a job at Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PR Manager. Ed, however, took a different way and opened an independent coffee shop. As their workloads were heavy, they had less and less time to spend together. So they finally decided to move the relationship along and settle down. It seemed that it was finally time to meet each other’s families. They never suspected that this would lead to a big revelation.

7. The Family Party

Heidi and Ed planned a dinner party and invited their moms, Kay and Fiona, to their apartment. They were nervous about this encounter at first, but it turned out the party went very well. Both of their moms enjoyed the party and talked with each other happily. As Kay and Fiona were getting to know each other, they surprisingly found that they also shared some common interests such as sailing. Then they started to talk about their stories and adventures whilst sailing. It was one of these stories  that made Kay feel that Ed was somehow familiar. 

8. A Long-Time-Ago Story

Kay remembered when Heidi was eight years old, the family traveled to Gumbet, Turkey, and enjoyed two memorable weeks there. When they were there, Heidi became friends with another eight-year-old boy who was also on vacation there with his family. Gradually, the two children became close friends and had even started to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Then, Kay added another detail, which seemed a little bit strange.

9. A Big Coincidence 

Kay said the boy’s name was also Ed. They were a little surprised after hearing that. Fiona said she loved the sweet story, while Ed wasn’t impressed by a story of one of Heidi’s past “boyfriends.” Anyway, they didn’t take the conversation any further. Instead, Heidi and Ed started to talk about their plans to get married by the end of the year. Both moms were delighted with their decision, but Kay still felt a little weird about Heidi’s eight-year-old boyfriend Ed.

10. Take Action

Kay couldn’t help but think about Heidi’s long-forgotten boyfriend after the party. The strange feeling haunted her and she couldn’t let her rest. Finally, she decided to do something and find out more about the eight-year-old Ed. Then she contacted Fiona to ask her for help to find more information. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything. Then one day, when Kay was tidying the storage room, she found a clue by chance.

11. The Clue

Kay was cleaning the storage room as usual, and suddenly she found a box lying in the corner of a shelf. She didn’t remember the box at all. With its surface covered with dust, it seemed that it had not been opened for a long time. Then she opened the box and found an old photo album. Little did she know that the album was going to reveal a surprising truth.

12. The Pictures

As Kay flipped through the dusty album, she finally found the photos of their family’s vacation in Turkey. She had found the pictures of Heidi and her eight-year-old boyfriend. When she saw the photo, she couldn’t believe that the Ed in the picture was actually the Ed she just had dinner with. “This is incredible,” she thought. 

13. Sharing The News

Of course, Kay told everyone the surprising finding. She decided to tell Fiona, Ed’s mother, first. When Fiona heard the news, she couldn’t believe it at first. But when she saw the picture, she realized the discovery was true. “When Kay sent me the photo, I shrieked ‘oh my god, That’s Ed!’ that was incredible,” said Fiona. It was finally time to share the news with the two people in the picture.

14. The Truth Stunned The Couple

When the photograph was sent to the couple, they were astonished. They thought their love had started that night when Heidi helped Ed deal with the washing machine. But apparently, their love had begun much earlier. “When my mom showed us the picture, I was totally stunned. I am not a fatalist, but now I believe something is destined. It was unbelievable!” said Heidi. 

15. The Wedding

As time went by, the wedding day finally came. They got married in 2017, at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, which was a perfect place for a wedding. Everyone at the party was so happy that it went on until the early hours of the next day. It was definitely an unforgettable night, not just for the couple, but for all the guests too.

16. The Two Families

As Heidi and Ed tied the knot, the two families also bonded with each other. Now, Kay and Keith are best friends with Fiona and Jonathan, and they even spend some time traveling together, too. The big coincidence made not only Heidi and Ed, but also the two families happier than they could have ever imagined. Sometimes you have to marvel at the wonders of fate.

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