20 Top Parenting Tricks And Hacks That Will Make Life Easier And More Fun

1. Let Your Baby Clean The Floor. 

Babies love to crawl around. Why not use their extra energy to help you dust the floor? Add dusters to the front of their onesie and have them pick up any loose dust as they crawl around. Genuis!

2. Teach Your Kids To Put Shoes On The Right Feet.

Put half of a sticker on one shoe and the other half on the other shoe. When the sticker is put together, they know they have their shoes on the right feet.

3. Trick Your Kids Into Taking Medicine.

Put a straw into the medicine and hide it behind your children’s favorite drink.

4. Limit Your Kid’s Soap Use

Twist rubber bands around the pump nozzle so only a limited amount of soap will be dispensed.

5. Turn A Coffee Lid Into A Drip Catcher.

Kids can get pretty messy when they eat popsicles. You can contain the mess by placing a coffee lid underneath the popsicle to catch the melted bits that fall off.

6. Help Your Kids Hold Their Pencil Correctly.

Have them hide something under their last two fingers. It doesn’t matter what they hide under the fingers, as long as they can comfortably do so.

7. Try Vinegar For Minor Burns.

If your child is burnt accidentally, immediately soak a small face cloth or paper towel in vinegar and apply it to the burn till the skin feels cool. This will ease the pain and prevent a blister.

8. Homemade Tap Shoes

Kids want to try nearly everything. For the little dancers who want to try tap, this is a genius idea. Tap shoes are expensive, so create makeshift shoes on the fly by gluing some pennies to the bottom of your kids’ sneakers. Your kids are guaranteed to entertain themselves for hours.

9. Keep Doors From Locking.

Keep your kids from locking themselves in the bathroom by using a rubber band.

10. Use A Pacifier To Help Your Baby Take Medicine.

Giving medicine to a baby is never an easy task. But using a pacifier to help your baby take medicine makes it a lot better. Just cut off the tip of the pacifier and put a medicine dropper through it. When the baby puts the pacifier in their mouth, squirt the medicine in.

11. Tips For Weaning Your Child Off The Pacifier.

One way to wean your baby off a pacifier is to dip the pacifier in lemon juice or vinegar. The terrible taster should turn them off the silicon dummies for good. Another way many moms try is by cutting off the tip, which disables the sucking power of the pacifier.

12. WD-40 Is The Perfect Crayon Remover.

Do you have kids who mistake your home’s wall for a canvas? A good way to remove crayon marks from a variety of surfaces is to use WD-40. What you do is spray a small amount of it onto the marks, and wipe off with a clean rag.

13. Use Toilet Paper Rolls To Create A Garage For Racing Cars.

If your kids have small toys like racing cars, build a storage box using toilet paper rolls and ask them to place their toys in individually. This skill will go a long way to help your child staying organized all the way into adulthood.

14. Use Partitions To Stop Car Fighting.

Long trips with small children can be stressful. Put partitions between the children so that they don’t quarrel with each other.

15. Turn Clean-Up Time Into A Game.

Stick the tape on the floor and ask your toddler to sweep their mess into the square. They’ll think it’s fun without knowing they’re actually cleaning up.

16. Fill One Of Your Gloves With Something And Put It On The Your Baby’s Back.

Children want their parents to touch them when they are trying to sleep. If you’re too busy to lay with your child every night before they fall asleep, fill one of your gloves with rice or dried beans and place it on your baby’s back. It will just feel like your hand.

17. Keep Your Toddler’s Toothbrushes Clean With Clothespins.

This allows the toothbrush to dry and stay away from bacteria.

18. A Spray Bottle Helps A Lot.

Keep a spray bottle in the car for hot days to cool seat belt buckles.

19. Make Full Use Of The Ziplock.

Don’t miss this no-mess painting parenting trick. Add three dollops of different colored paint into a ziplock bag and hand it up. Your baby can create all kinds of designs, without any mess.

20. Make Splinter Removals Less Painful.

Apply a paste of baking soda and water on a splinter first, and then cover it with a bandage and leave it for a few minutes. The splinter should come out easily when you remove the bandage.

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