20 Ground-Breaking Ways To Eat Chips All Day Long

Behold! You may have been eating chips wrong in your entire life. And trust us, when you know these 20 ground-breaking ways to eat chips all day long, your mind will be blown. From a Fully Loaded Pizza that you never know exist to a Parmesan with chips instead of pasta, we’ve scoured the Internet for the most amazing ways to eat chips.

1. Bacon Cheddar Fries

2. Buffalo Fries

3. French fry and hot dog pizza

4. Brown Gravy Enchilada Chili Cheese Street Fries

5. Spiced up sweet potato fries with bacon

6. Lebanese Spiced French Fries

7. Cheesy Fries With Emerald Isle Sauce

8. Spicy Oven Fries

9. Garlic and Dill fry

10. Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Vanilla Icing Dip

11.Baked Chili Cheese Fries With Bacon And Ranch

12. Disco Fries

13. French Fries With Caesar Dressing

14. Old Bay Grilled Steak Fries

15. Fried Courgette

16. Made-Over Blackened Cajun Fries

17. Vegetable Chips and Basil Mayo

18. Garlic Aioli Fries

19. Barbecue Style French Fries

20. Healthy Baked Parmesan Fries

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