Five Kinds Of Foods You Should NEVER Eat Before Bed

Having a bowl of cereal may sound healthier than eating a burger, but with the sugar-packed cereal, your blood sugar will experience a rollercoaster ride. You will store them all as fat as you fall asleep.

#1. Red Meat

Some of us just like drinking a glass of wine before going to bed, but it brings more negative effects than you have expected. A glass of wine might send you straight to bed, but it will also dehydrate your body. If you must have an occasional drink before sleep, make sure you also drink gallons of water, too.

#2. Cakes and Doughnuts

Huh, drinking coffee before sleep? Either you are a workaholic, or you are just out of your mind. You have to stay away from coffee at night. The caffeine will stimulate your nervous system and keep you awake all night!!! Try to have some herbal teas instead of coffee before you go to sleep.

#3. Sweet Cereal

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#4. Alcohol

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#5. Coffee

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