15 Sexy Things Girls Do That Surprisingly Drive Men Crazy

1. Reach For Something

“The thing girls do that turn me on is whenever they have to stand on their tippy toes to reach for something and I have to take it for her. I don’t know why. But whenever a girl who is short, or even if she’s a taller girl, tries to reach something high, for some reason it always looks really attractive.” – Jamie W.

2. Mad Girls

“I find it very attractive when a girl gets mad. I mean, not the super angry kind of mad, but more of like when she’s frustrated and doesn’t want to laugh, and I’m trying to make her laugh. But she tries to stay mad because she doesn’t want to be in a good mood. That type of mad.” – Andy K.

3. Tie Your Hair

“My thing is about girls’ hair. When they take their hair clip thing and put it in their mouth, and put their hair up. They do it so quick but it looks so cute. It’s like what Drake sings, ‘Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on, that’s when you’re the prettiest.'” – Harry C.

4. Wear Men’s Clothes

“One thing I always love it when a girl want to wear my clothes. No matter it’s one of my hoodies or t-shirts, it feels just good.” – Will G.

5. Baseball Cap

“I personally find a girl wearing baseball cap is the most adorable. Especially when the girl has long straight hair, and just wearing a hat. It’s really casual but super cute. I can’t exactly explain why, but when a girl’s rocking that look and it’s working, I’m like whoa!” – Jeff W.

6. Rap Lyrics

“I secretly find it sexy when a girl knows the lyrics to a really popular rap song. For example, if I’m with a girl and a rap song comes on that I like, and she starts rapping it. It’s like she has a different personality all of a sudden, and I get caught off guard at that moment. I’ll feel this girl is cooler than me and that makes her really attractive.” – Brian R.

7. Play Video Game With Me

“I like when a girl tries to play a video game that I’m interested in. For example, I love the game WOW. If I’m gonna play it and a girl wants to play it with me, I think it’s the best thing ever. Because she is putting her own time into something that I’m interested in whether she likes it or not, she’s still doing it with me. I guess the main thing is she’s around me.” – Mark D.

8. Annoy Me

“I find it really cute when a girl annoys me but only to a certain extent, like knowing the right buttons to push and when to push them. Because if she does it too much, it’s just gonna annoying and I’m not gonna enjoy it at all. But at the same time it’s cute when she’s trying to bother me and I’m able to handle it.” – Jack K.

9. Say My Name

“I think it’s attractive when a girl says my name, whether it’s to me or I overhear her having a conversation with her friends and I just hear my name pop up. Because then I know she’s thinking about me.” – Josh F.

10. Skirt Hip Wiggle

“When a girl is doing that skirt little hip wiggle to put it down a little bit. I don’t know why, but I just like watching them doing that. I like watching them struggle.” – Zach Z.

11. Trace the Outlines of My Tattoo

“I have four tattoos, and I love when my girlfriend traces the outlines of it with her fingers.” – Robert W.

12. Clumsy

“The most attractive thing I find in a girl, as some people might find weird, is when she is clumsy. Like a girl who is always bumping into something or spilling something, or just falling down or some weird kind of stuff like that. I just think that it’s cute because it’s not like perfect.” – Kevin H.

13. Hang Out With Animals

“I find it cute when a girl hangs out with a dog or a cat or any kind of animal. And she starts to talk in that really high-pitched voice that she only talks to animals with. That’s really attractive.” – Henry D.

14. Organization

“This might sound weird, but a girl who’s good at organization does turn me on. For example, she has little tabs for this and little notes for that, and all different kind of things. Because a lot the time guys are the ones that are disorganized, we don’t know how to figure things out. So if a girl always has everything organized and ready to go, I find it really attractive.” – Keith P.

15. Eye Contact

“I mean not the simple casual eye contact, but, for example, when in a group conversation, me and the girl are talking to different people. And I see that she’s talking to someone else, but making eye contact with me. So I can see she’s kind of engaged in that conversation but she’s looking at me like she’d rather be talking to me. This is really hot.” – Chuck G.

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