This Man Documents Unique Habits Of His Autistic Son, Then Their Life Changes

Thankfully by use of photography, it seems it has brought down invisible barriers between father and child.

A unique view of the world. Bet he sees something different in each and every square.

Very touching, you want to reach out and protect this wee boy.

That’s one beautiful shot the calmness and natural comfort with nature.

Prepare yourself for the cutest man in the world! When this man’s wedding was getting closer, he was wracking his brain to think up the perfect present for his wife. Both of them are big Harry Potter fans, so he turned to the Wizarding World for inspiration. He made his wife a real-life Harry Potter pensieve. For those who are not familiar with Harry Potter fans, a Pensieve is a bowl used to store and view memories. Dumbledore used his wand to pull memories from his head and store those memories in bottles. When he wants to see a particular memory, he will pour the bottle into the bowl to view it. This is the one this man made his wife.

This wand was bought online. This man personlized it with his wife’s name.

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