21 Fantastic Pics Taken From An Airplane Window

Sometimes if we see things in different angles, we might catch entirely different sceneries. Here we have collected some pictures which were taken from an airplane window. Are you ready to be shocked?!

1. Window seat view

2. Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

3. Manila, Philippines

4. London, England

5. Los Angeles, California, USA

6. Manhattan, New York, USA

7. Mount Fuji, Japan

8. North Cascade National Park Washington, USA

9. Clouds sea

10. Spain

11. Sunrise in cockpit

12. The Alps

13. Final sunset

14. Wellington, New Zealand

15. Chicago, USA

16. Dubai

17. What I see through my window

18. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

19. Hoover Dam

20. Kansas, USA

21. Destination

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